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Ingredients that help you to be more flexible

Caramelised sugars are very versatile ingredients. They can be used as a Taste Booster in a wide range of foods and beverages. They are also ideally suited as a Colour Booster, to make food look as delicious as it tastes.

Taste Booster

Caramelisation involves a complex chain of reactions. The taste of the sugar changes dramatically, from pure sweet to a very complex flavour profile. Royal Buisman has mastered the art of producing caramelised sugars with a very rich aroma. Due to their complex composition, they are excellent building blocks to enrich, balance or enhance taste.

Colour Booster

Caramelised sugars are highly stable and give rich yellow to dark brown colour shades to your food products. In the European Union, they are considered ingredients rather than additives, so they do not need to be listed on the label as an E number. They respond to consumer demand for more natural products and clear labelling. They are available in both liquid and powder form and are carrier-free.

Experience it yourself

Our team of Food Technologists have developed a range of easy-to-use demo kits, which clearly demonstrate the benefits of natural caramelised sugars.

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