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Royal Buisman caramelised sugars offer many benefits, from flavour enhancement to cost reduction.

Taste improvement

A superior taste is key to creating an exceptional product experience that will make your customers come back for more. With their naturally rich flavours, our caramelised sugars are very versatile ingredients to enrich, intensify or balance the flavour profile of food and drinks.

Optimise recipe costs

Our caramelised sugars can replace more expensive ingredients without compromising product quality. For example, you can achieve substantial savings by replacing malt flour in bread, or partly replacing coffee solids in coffee mixes. The possibilities are endless.

Natural colour

Caramelised sugars give your product a beautiful colour. Their use is all the more attractive because in the EU, caramelised sugars can be classified as colouring foods and labelled as a simple ingredient. This is in line with the increasing demand for clear labels.


Nutritional profile improvement

Caramelised sugars help you develop healthy, tasty and appealing products. As they enrich and intensify the flavour, they can help you with flavour challenges when reducing salt and sugar levels. Their unique flavour complexity can also naturally mask unpleasant off-flavours when using sweeteners or salts other than sodium chloride.


Experience it yourself

Our team of Food Technologists have developed a range of easy-to-use demo kits, which clearly demonstrate the benefits of natural caramelised sugar

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