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Buisman Story

Expensive coffee

Buisman was founded in 1867 by the Dutch entrepreneur Herman Buisman. Coffee was in high demand, scarce and very expensive in those days. Buisman saw opportunities for caramelised sugars as a flavour booster for coffee. He sent his son Roelof to the university city of Leiden to learn more about the production of caramelised sugar.

Perfecting the process

Roelof started to experiment to further perfect the caramelisation process. The product he developed became a great success and was soon sold all over the Netherlands.


Strong growth

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the company experienced significant growth. Sales in the Netherlands flourished, and products began to be exported to the US and Canada. In the 1940s, the capacity tripled and Buisman became one of the strongest brands in the Netherlands.


A Royal brand

In 1951, Her Majesty Juliana, Queen of the Netherlands, awarded Buisman the Royal designation. This honour is awarded to companies that hold a prominent position within their industry, have an excellent reputation and are distinguished by quality, reliability and continuity.


New applications

In the 1970s, the quality of coffee gradually improved, and Royal Buisman started investigating other uses for caramelised sugars. New applications were discovered as a taste booster in a wide variety of food and beverages. The portfolio was expanded with new types of caramelised sugars, each with a unique flavour profile.

An international company

With a track record of more than 150 years, Royal Buisman is now a leading producer of caramelised sugars, exporting to more than 40 countries. Its products provide value to customers around the world.

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