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Tea is one the most popular drinks in the world, in fact the only drink that is consumed more often is water. There are six types of tea: black tea, oolong tea, green tea, white tea, yellow tea and kombucha (fermented tea). The most common way to make tea is by pouring hot water on dried tea leaves. Usually, these are the leaves of the Asian (green) tea plant Camellia sinensis.


Make the most of your tea product

Loose tea leaves, instant tea or iced tea: each type of tea (application) has its own challenges. The caramelised sugars of Royal Buisman are suitable for many types of tea. Our natural products can mask unwanted flavours or rather accentuate the desired flavour. In instant tea on a milk base, such as teh tarik, our products can add or enhance a full creamy taste.

By adding our caramelised sugars to your tea product, you can:

  • intensify the flavour intensity
  • balance and/or improve the aroma
  • add a larger variety of taste complexity
  • add a body and mouth feel
  • optimise continuity
  • intensify the natural warm golden brown colour

All our products are guaranteed E-number free. Because they are 100% pure without any carriers, we can accomplish a lot with low dosages. That means that the costs will remain low, without sacrificing a rich taste sensation.

“The distinctive flavours of each type of tea are accentuated”

Tea flavour wheel

Download the PDF below to receive more information and insights about the tea flavour wheel. 


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