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For coffee producers, Royal Buisman has a host of interesting propositions. Our caramelised sugars offer extensive possibilities for colouring. At the same time, they can create a distinctive aroma that gives products a unique character.


Boost your cocoa product

Our caramelised sugars have a unique added value for both natural (non-alkalised) and alkalised cocoa powders. Our Naturally Caramelised Sugars improve the creamy chocolate flavour, whereas the traditional caramel sugars tend to accentuate the typical cocoa flavour.

By adding our caramelised sugars to cocoa powders, you can:

  • intensify the chocolate flavour
  • intensify the cocoa flavour
  • decrease sour notes
  • add bitterness, and the flavour of roasted coffee
  • balance out the aroma
  • complete the rich notes
  • enhance the colour to warm red and brown hues
  • add body

A head start thanks to cost savings

The flavour of our Naturally Caramelised Sugars is resembles that of cocoa. These characteristics make it possible to replace up to 30% of the cocoa, without changing the flavour profile. This leads to a significant reduction in costs.

Caramelised powders can be used in a wide range of products that contain chocolate or cocoa, from instant hot chocolate drinks, instant cocoa mixes and malt cocoa combinations to ready-made beverages and vending machine products.

“Retain the pleasant mouth feeling of chocolate and the attractive bitterness of cocoa”

We have been the “preferred supplier” of a major multinational in the field of beverages with cocoa as the most important ingredient for years. They use Royal Buisman’s caramelised sugars in a cocoa powder drink. The recipe was developed to create an inexpensive cocoa drink with a good flavour. By adding caramelised sugars, they were able to use a lower dose of cocoa powder and, at the same time, retain the pleasant mouth feeling of chocolate and the attractive bitterness of cocoa.

For another client, we developed a delicious drink, based on a normal percentage of cocoa. We added the caramelised sugars to this dose, creating a premium cocoa drink for adults: full of cocoa bitters and complex in terms of notes.

Cocoa flavour wheel

Would you like more insights and explanations? Download the pdf below with the cocoa flavour wheel.


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