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Caramelised sugars come in various types and sizes, from lightly coloured versions that predominantly taste sweet, to heavily caramelised sugars that have dark, bitter caramel flavour notes, both in liquid and in powder form. It can give a caramel pudding the desired colour and flavour. If you prefer caramel sauce, we have many options as well.

Usually, the term “aromatic caramels” refers to sugar syrups that have a sweet, aromatic caramel flavour and can serve as a sauce for desserts, ice cream, cake, etc.. However, it can also be used to intensify the cacao or coffee flavour in your pudding or topping sauce.

“For one of our clients we have developed a tailor-made product”

In close collaboration with a client that needed caramel sauce for its ice cream, we created a tailor-made product. It is a great example in which colour, flavour and functional characteristics played an important part, and were completely tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Sweets, confectionery and other treats

Besides the flavour, the appearance of sweets is an important aspect of their appeal. Caramelised sugars and caramel colouring agents play an important role in the look of various types of sweets. For liquorice, wine gums and lollipops it is important that the sugars are clearly soluble and without lumps.

Our products are used in caramel and coffee sweets to enhance their flavour or their golden-brown colour. Are you looking for your own signature? For example a caramel flavour with a background hint of mocha? We would be pleased to a develop a tailor-made solution together with you.

Other applications of caramelised sugars include the deep-brown chocolate colour of bonbons. The low moisture content of our products means they mix well in an environment rich in fats, which enhances the colour.

“Our product is applied to convert variations in the raw material into consistent quality.”

Liquorice is a natural product and subject to natural variations in quality. One of our clients applies our product to convert variations in the raw material into consistent quality. It enables him to supply his clients in accordance with the agreements on colour, flavour and clarity.

Are you looking for a clean-label solution? We would be pleased to explore the various options together with you.