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The use of caramelised sugars and caramels deliver various products in the savoury sector an attractive flavour and look.

Soups and sauces

In the soups and sauces sector, many companies are switching to using caramelised sugar as a colouring agent, rather than caramel, within the framework of clean label production. The Buisman caramelised sugars are pre-eminently suitable for this. Consisting of 100% caramelised sugar and containing no carriers, which results in high colour and flavour intensity and low “costs in use”, they meet all the “clean label” requirements.

Due to their typical flavour profiles, caramelised sugars are also successfully used in gravies and sauces. Their brown colour and flavour really shine when used in these products.In addition, our powder products are pre-eminently suitable for use in instant soups and sauces.

Herbs and spices

In the herbs and spices industry, which has short run times and constantly produces new flavour combinations, our caramelised sugars have been an important component of many spice mixes for years. It is the unique flavour and strong colour of a powdered ingredient that make Buisman’s products ideal for this use.

Meatproducts and meat substitutes

Finally, our caramelised sugars are suitable for use in meatproducts and meat substitutes. Adding caramelised sugar and caramel not only results in an attractive and tasty product, it also offers advantages in terms of costs, health and ease. Even before being cooked, the products have an attractive brown colour. This means cooking time and the process temperature can be reduced, leading to better returns.

The most important USP's

  • attractive golden brown colour
  • nice “brown” flavour (roast, slightly bitter)
  • natural
  • 100% pure, no carrier materials
  • low doses, low ‘cost in use’
  • gluten free
“The E numbers in the gravy are replaced by a clean label solution”

One of our clients, a producer of gravy products in powder form, wanted to replace the E numbers in its gravy. In close collaboration with the client, we created a solution in which the E numbers were replaced by a clean label, natural alternative, while retaining the colour and flavour.

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