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Expert in caramelised sugars and caramels

Our passion for and expertise in the field of caramelised sugars originated in 1867, and we are still just as dedicated to improving our products.

Thanks to our unique production process, our caramelised sugars and caramel colourings have characteristics that strengthen the signature of many products. Examples of that includes intensifying the colour of your product and making its flavour more extraordinary.

Caramelised sugars

Our caramelised sugars are available in two colour tones; light and dark brown. Besides that, they can be delivered in powder and liquid form. They are completely pure and do not contain carrier materials. This makes them 100% natural! In addition, our caramelised sugars are gluten and acrylamide free. A “clean label” solution! Our production method ensures that the colour and flavour intensity is high. This means that only a small dose is required, and the application is cost-efficient.

The powders in our portfolio are characterised by their strong colour intensity and special flavour profiles. Though sugar is the basis, our products only contain a small percentage of sugar once the production process is completed. In combination with the low dosage, adding our products means adding only a negligible percentage of sugar.

Caramel colouring

Caramel gives food products an attractive colour. The colour spectrum runs from golden yellow to deep red and deep brown, but a brownish grey colour is possible as well.

For the benefit of a high colour intensity and stability, caramel colourings are produced with additives, and therefore have E numbers: E150a untill d. Royal Buisman supplies E150a, E150c and E150d in both powder and liquid form. The right choice is made based on the application and the associated required characteristics.

E150aadditive: acid/alkaligeneral use
E150badditive: sulfite compoundsalcohol stable
E150cadditive: ammonium compoundssalt stable
E150dadditive: ammonium and sulfite compoundsacid stable

Our caramel colourings are used in alcoholic beverages, bakery products, sweets, dairy products, animal feed, beer, soups and sauces.

Caramel specialities and tailor-made products

Depending on the application, we supply our caramelised sugars in powder or liquid form. We can also offer tailor-made solutions such as emulsions and blends. Our scale enables us to meet your requirements with a tailor-made solution.


  • Aromatic caramel for a pleasant, mild flavour and attractive colour. Application: bakery products and ingredients, dairy products.

  • Blends like mocha for a refined, natural mocha flavour. Application: bakery products and ice cream.

  • Emulsion for shine and a “boutique” appearance, with potential acceleration of the process. To be applied in the oil stage. Application: meatproducts and marinade.

How to declare

In the context of the European legislation about aroma’s (EG 1334/2008) and also about ongoing evaluations of dyes, is the need for a clear overview of reports about caramelised sugars necessary.

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