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In addition to the applications that have already been mentioned, caramelised sugars and caramel are obviously also used in a wide range of other products. Below is a list of other possible applications.


Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are brought to taste and colour by using caramel or caramelised sugar. Good examples include the typically Dutch spice liqueur ‘Berenburg’ or cola. Would you like a mocha liqueur or a golden-yellow spiced gin? We have a range of options for beverages. It goes without saying that stability against acid or alcohol is of the greatest importance.


Our burnt sugars perform well as building blocks in complex aromas. Adding our typical roast, bitter or caramel flavours supports the top notes and improves the overall performance of the aroma. Aromas are brought to colour and stabilised. Completely in line with the natural and clean-label trend. Ideal for enhancing your coffee or cocoa lines!

Would you like to know more about the options? Please do not hesitate to contact us - we would be keen to explore the options together with you.

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